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Sustain EPE encapsulant

Sustain EPE is next-gen 3-layer encapsulant, ideal for use with TOPCon cells. EPE consists of thin layer of POE sandwiched between two layers of EVA to, produced through co-extrusion process. This structure harnesses best attributes of both EVA and POE encapsulants in that, POE provides superior anti-PID performance and water vapour resistance; and EVA provides improved lamination cycle time and adhesion to PV cells and glass.

EPE is ideal for TOPCon cells due to its higher susceptibility to moisture ingress than PERC cells; however, EPE is best suited for Glass-Glass solar panels that utilize PERC, TOPCon, or HJT cells.

Sustain EVA encapsulant

Sustain EVA is a durable Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) PV Encapsulant known for its excellent stability against UV rays and diverse weather conditions. It has been extensively tested and proven for use in both single-stage and Short-cycle multi-stage lamination processes. Designed to accommodate all types of crystalline and thin film modules, Sustain EVA offers comprehensive protection by securely encapsulating the solar cell. With outstanding light transmittance and a 28% VA content, this product allows for maximum sunlight penetration, optimizing energy conversion efficiency.

Sustain EVA encapsulant is also highly convenient for manufacturers, as it is compatible with all laminators, making the lamination process smooth and efficient. With its reliable performance and features, Sustain EVA encapsulant provides a dependable solution for solar module production, ensuring reliable and efficient energy generation for years to come.

Sustain POE encapsulant

Sustain POE encapsulant offers comprehensive protection and integration for solar cells, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for solar modules. Made from a durable Polyolefin Elastomer (POE), this product is designed to withstand the damaging effects of UV rays and various weather conditions. By effectively encapsulating the solar cell, Sustain POE prevents moisture, dust, and other external elements from penetrating the module, safeguarding its performance and reliability over time.

Compatible with both single-stage and Short-cycle multi-stage lamination processes, Sustain POE is a versatile PV Encapsulant suitable for use with different types of crystalline and thin film modules. Its exceptional adhesive properties promote a strong and secure bond, minimizing the risk of delamination and ensuring the long-term integrity of the module. The bubble-free lamination achieved with Sustain POE further enhances the overall appearance and functionality of the solar module, guaranteeing optimal light transmission for maximum energy output.